Fast approaching 40

So the big 4 0 is on the horizon… thirty feels like it was five minutes ago so how can I be nearly ten years older?!? Am I where I thought I would be…no. Am I ready to be 40…no. Is there a damn thing I can do about it….also no. Am I happy? Hell yes!!

Okay so if you’d asked me ten years ago where I thought I would be at forty, I’d have said that I’d be married hopefully with a couple of children and a mortgage. That’s not the case, but I do have an amazing family, wonderful boyfriend, fantastic friends and a cute cat. I’m also very happy with who I am as a person…that said, in my head I’m still 21 and in no way shape or form think of myself as a “grown up” rather I’m making it up as I go along and still trying to figure out what I want to do when (and if) I grow up!!

So what have I learned in the last (almost) 10 years? Mainly that I am more confident now, I have new skills… reflexology and I actually like myself….no more worrying about what others think of me, if they don’t like me then it’s their problem and not mine!

I’ve also learned a whole new language… not Italian or Spanish but the language of dating apps. It was quite an enlightening experience and to be honest, one that I don’t miss. It introduced me to my fabulous boyfriend and for that I will always be grateful. So lets see what the next 10 years brings….Marriage? Children? Mortgage?

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