Your health is your wealth…

So it’s now week 3 of my chest infection….it is going nowhere. To add insult to injury, a bruised arm, after a 24 hour blood pressure monitor confirming my blood pressure is high I am now on medication for it. I’ve also been referred to a specialist for further tests and am awaiting the results of blood and urine analysis. I’m 39, a bit young for high blood pressure. It’s also developed suddenly within the last 2 or 3 months – having been fine before that.

The medication I have been prescribed is not one to be taken if planning a pregnancy. I’m in a fairly new relationship but we have talked about having a baby more likely next year than this year though.

I’ve been advised to cut out salt – not something I use much. Not that I’m aware of. I also need to lose weight. I am heavy and have been saying for ages that I’ll lose weight. Now I really need to put my money where my mouth is and shift the weight. I’ve done it before and I will do it again. Difference being that this time I will keep it off. It’ll help my asthma and will also help reduce my blood pressure. I want to be off the blood pressure medication and able to try to get pregnant with my partner.

I am really glad that I have private health insurance. I’ll see the specialists far more quickly paying privately than on the public list. Its an expensive system – I pay for all my medication up to a maximum of €124/ month and €50 a GP visit. I miss the NHS. Free at point of contact. Free prescriptions in Scotland. One positive is that my GP surgery offers a drop in, no phoning at 8am for an appointment as long as you don’t mind waiting to be seen, you can see your GP when you need to and not in 3 weeks time!

So there we go, up to date with my current poor health. Time to get healthy and wealthy…small people cost big money!

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