Your health is your wealth….part 2

So as if having asthma and high blood pressure wasn’t enough, my cholesterol is also a concern. It really jumped over a month. I’ve had repeat bloods done and have a prescription for medication depending on what the results of these bloods are. I won’t lie, that came as a shock. I felt like my dream of having a baby was moving further away from me. Typical…I finally meet the man that I want to have children with and life puts obstacles in the way!!

In the meantime, I’ve been walking and just trying to be more active in my day to day life. I’m using a calorie counting app and am far more aware of what and how much I eat. I lost several stones about 8 years ago and really felt good. I’m really annoyed at myself that I’ve put it all back on again. I’ve done this to myself. The fact that, between you and me, in the last few weeks I’ve been eating Jaffa Cakes like there’s no tomorrow is not helping. It may also go some way to explaining the jump in my cholesterol. I did not share this with my GP.

I suppose that the truth is, I’ve been in denial. I love food. I do try and eat healthy but I do have takeaways, Chinese/ Asian is a big favourite. I eat too much. I need to cut back. I’m also annoyed because I enjoy eating vegetables and fresh healthy food. I also was never overweight as a child. My weight is down to poor choices/ my lack of self control or restraint as an adult. My weight also concerns my parents and that really kills me.

So this time I’m going to change my lifestyle, increase my exercise and activity levels and get off this blood pressure medication. This time its for keeps. The only reason that I’ll gain weight in future is when I’m pregnant. It will happen!!

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