Operation Get Healthy

Having got my head around my recent health news now it is time to get fit, lose weight and get healthy. I did Weight Watchers years ago and lost weight….before I put it back on again. This time it is for keeps.

I downloaded NutraCheck a calorie counting app on a 7 day trial. Its super easy to use and I love using the barcode scanner to add foods to my diary. I’m easy excited! It really opened my eyes, I’ve never counted calories before so it is a new thing for me. I do read labels on things I buy but in all honesty if I wanted to eat it, I ate it! I’ve set myself a target of losing 1.5 pounds a week. (I’m old school so I use pounds and stones, I don’t know what a kilogram is in relation to anything, let alone weight!)

My first week, I reasoned, was about making me more aware of what I was eating and if I lost weight so much the better. I weighed, measured and scanned my way through the week and also made sure I was more active too. I lost 3 pounds and was delighted!! My boyfriend and I had a Chinese takeaway one night too!! As I said before, this is not a diet. It is a lifestyle change. I’m not going to deny myself a takeaway or glass of wine, but it’ll be balanced by exercise and healthier food choices.

I’ve bought a piggy bank – I’m very in touch with my inner child – as my boyfriend suggested I buy myself something nice when I lose weight to keep my motivation. He then came up with the brilliant idea of putting the same amount of money as weight lost in the piggy bank. So I’m 3 pounds lighter and my bank is €3 heavier.

After that I was hooked. The app is €3.99 a month to continue to have full access or €33.99 for the year. I paid for the year. I feel it’s an investment in my continued journey to good health and a healthier lifestyle.

Just to be clear, my boyfriend loves me as I am. He has never suggested I lose weight and is totally supportive. All he wants is that I’m happy and he recognised that I’m not happy with my weight. He also wants me to be healthy. We have talked about having a baby and it’ll be better for both baby and me if I’m fitter, slimmer and healthier.

Also this is not an advert for NutraCheck. I typed into the App store and that was the app that appealed to me visually. The barcode scanner swung it!! It’s now day 3 of week 2 using the app….I’ll let you know how I get on!

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