Self-care Saturday

This is what I’ve been doing today. Its been a bit of a rollercoaster week, my emotions have been on quite a ride seeing good days and tough days. Today is a tough day but there we go.

Today has involved washing my bed sheets. I love that feeling of getting into bed when there’s fresh, clean sheets on it. I also find tasks that show results soothing. So I also did some shredding, getting rid of old receipts and paperwork that I no longer need.

I’ve also eaten and cooked what I fancied. Yes, I am trying to be healthy and lose weight but I really fancied chicken satay so that’s what I made. There was also lots of tea and a very chocolatey chocolate chip cookie, it was delicious and I really enjoyed it. Trying to add balance, I enjoyed some delicious strawberries too.

I spent some time in the garden too…nothing strenuous just deadheading my roses, watering my thirsty plants and enjoying watching the butterflies. Over the last few days, when the weather has been dry I’ve seen quite a few. I have a budlija bush in my garden, which they like. My cat likes butterflies too….he likes to catch them so it can be anxiety provoking too.

Today was also about chilling out. I didn’t sleep well last night so I needed to take some time, relax on the sofa and watch some TV. My guilty pleasure at the moment is Long Island Medium. I’d love a reading with Teresa. I have quite a few loved ones who have passed away, it’d be lovely to hear from them again.

Another self-care strategy is having a nice warm shower, using my favourite shower gel and body lotion then putting on a clean pair of pyjamas. So it was only 6pm, so what! This is my self care day and this is what I needed. Today was also the day that I finished my night cream, I have a new tub so all is good but, I find finishing things very satisfying.

I also tried something new today, nothing exciting, just new stain remover and fabric conditioner but I like them. Admittedly, I’m going backwards…my new fabric conditioner is called Spring Awakening and my old one was Summer Breeze. They say a change is as good as a rest, so Spring Awakening it is.

Most important of all, is that I feel better. Tomorrow is another day….here’s hoping it’s a good one!

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